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evict the heroes from your home

If you’ve had your fill of dungeon crawling, try your hand at dungeon defense. Legend Of Keepers, the anti-crawler, has graduated from early access to a full launch. You’ll join the Dungeons Company as a manager and devise a series of traps and minions to keep those pesky “heroes” off your land. However, management is difficult because your subordinates always seem to get themselves into trouble and rely on you to command their battles. The full launch of Legend Of Keepers is accompanied by a new update that introduces new monsters, modes, and other features.

Legend Of Keepers, developed by Goblinz Studio, is described as a cross between a roguelite and a dungeon defender. You’ll assemble your monster crew and keep track of your dungeon traps. Oh, and Goblinz say they’ll deal with “employee strikes and other fun events.” One of those occurrences can be seen in the launch trailer, a shameful case of “anthropophilia.” That’s a bit of a scandal.

Invading heroes walk right through your traps during the actual dungeon crawl. You’ll step in to command some turn-based battles when they come up against a group of your monster minions. According to the Goblinz, each run is unique, but you’ll keep some of your dungeon manager’s bonuses in between runs.

As for me, I’m interested in learning more about the employee strikes. At the mundane side of monster life, there’s always a chuckle to be had. I’m sure Dungeon Corp saves money on healthcare.

Goblinz Studio claims to have added a significant amount of new content for their launch day update. Monsters, traps, and champions have all been updated. Because, of course, “trained rats” is a new trap type. A Bard has been added to the list of hero types for you to squash. In addition, new ascension and endless game modes have been added. The rest of the information can be found in the Legend Of Heroes launch patch notes.

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Legend Of Keepers is available on Steam and GOG for £14.39/€16.19/$17.99 until May 6th, with a 10% discount.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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