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Two ecologist from Sunshine Coast urge the Prime Minister, and nothing else supports them except Sir David Attenborough, immediately to take action on climate change.10.000 copies of an activity book that includes a postcard for the children signed and forwarded to Scott Morrison, were funded by Helen Moffitt and Jim Bird. Ms Moffitt said that if the book inspires and enhances the next generation it is worth a hundred dollars each initiative.

“The reason we’ve aimed this towards the children is because they’re tomorrow’s generation — they’re going to be left with what today’s generation leaves them,” Ms Moffitt said.

Attenborough Postcard Climate Change
Image Source: ABC Online

“Kids need a voice [and] those who are not old enough to vote yet will have a voice.

“They’re given a voice through the postcard.”
Mr. Bird said that the 16 pages book, which took one year to be complemented, inspired Prime Minister Scott Morrison to read letters sent to him by children.

“We’d like to really make it an Australia-wide [initiative], because the only way it’s really going to succeed if the Prime Minister realises that people know that he’s receiving these postcards,” Mr Bird said.
He said that 3,000 postcards were distributed, but he could never monitor how much Mr Morrison had received.

Attenborough Postcard Climate Change
Image Source: ABC Online

Thank you very much’

Mr Bird said he could hardly believe it when Sir David Attenborough sent him and Mrs. Moffitt a warm, hand-written encouragement letter.
“It was unbelievable, the way it came … we hadn’t really given our address,” Mr Bird said.

“It was actually sent to SCEC – the Sunshine Coast Environment Council – so he must have looked on the website, got the address and sent it to them.

“We were we were absolutely thrilled.”
Mr. Bird said that he received the answer and kept him motivated in a few weeks’ time.
“Sometimes you say ‘What on Earth are we doing? We’re not going to get anywhere,'” he said.

“But it brings us back into thinking up original ideas [and] we’ll do what we can, as best we can.”

Attenborough Postcard Climate Change
Image Source: ABC Online

Call for action

Mr Bird said if the government continued to focus on climate goals rather than take immediate action, the planet would be detrimentally affected.

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We haven’t got 30 years,” he said.

“We should be stopping deforestation [and we] should be planting right now.”

He called on the government to address climate change with the same interest and enthusiasm as it approached the pandemic.

“We’re addressing it, we’re busting a gut actually to try to solve it, we don’t care how much it costs and how much it inconveniences us,” Mr Bird said.

“Wars and pandemics will come and they will go, but climate change is here, is progressing and it’s here to stay.”

Attenborough Postcard Climate Change
Image Source: ABC Online

Suffering through seasons

In the meantime, Ludovica Valenza, Sunshine Coast wildlife veterinarian, said more animals die in seasons and natural disasters this year.
“Wildlife are trying to adapt to these changes, and for that reason we’re getting them in for all sorts of different causes” she said.

“It’s very bizarre, because even for this time of the year we’re seeing baby birds and baby possums and macropods – so kangaroos and joeys that we wouldn’t be seeing at this time of the year – coming in.”

Data from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital showed 50 per cent more animals were admitted in March 2021 than in March 2018.

Attenborough Postcard Climate Change
Image Source: ABC Online

The trauma season usually lasted between September and February, Dr Valenza said, but more animals died because they were still active outside regular times.

Newly treating its 10,000 koala, the team at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

“I think it is just from the fact that we’ve had these extreme weather conditions out there,” she said.

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“This is due to their habitat being reduced.”

‘Dear Prime Minister’

The postcard penned by Mr Bird and Ms Moffitt reads:
Dear Prime Minister,

I am not of voting age, but I am deeply concerned about climatic conditions on our planet Earth.

On 22 September 2020 you announced your Technology Investment Roadmap to combat climate change, which have focussed on long-term solutions that we don’t have time for.

I ask that you take immediate action to prioritise renewable energies by greatly expanding the production of solar and wind power energy.

I want my future built on renewable energies not fossil fuels.
Source: ABC Online

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