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SINGAPORE –On Thursday, April 29, after 15 community cases have been confirmed, two new clusters were announced by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The clusters here are a breakdown.

The first is a 46-year-old healthcare professional who works in the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) Ward 9D and has nine instances. Three are TTSH employees and six are Ward 9D patients.

New Clusters Covid-19
Image Source: The Straits Times

1. Case 62557

A 30-year-old TTSH doctor who has taken care of Ward 9D patients but did not attend to work following symptoms with Covid-19. On Tuesday, a fever developed and a general practitioner looked for medical treatment, where Covid-19 had been tested.

He suffered a sore throat the next day, and his test results for Covid-19 were positive.His serological test is negative and is probably a current infection, MOH said. The first was on Jan 18, the second was on Feb 8, with both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

2. Case 62599

An 18-year-old TTSH trainee who has been deployed in Ward 9D. It is asymptomatic and on Wednesday was detected as part of TTSH’s proactive tests of Ward 9D patients and staff following confirmation of infection by the 46-year-old nurse. The same day, her Covid-19 test returned positive. Your test results on serology are negative.

3. Case 62561

A 57-year-old TTSH patient initially in Ward 7D and then in Ward 9D. On April 16, the patient developed fever but was not seeking medical care. On 18 April, after his fever continued, he went to the emergency department of TTSH and developed a flushing nose and cough. He tested the Covid-19 negativity and then put it in Ward 7D. He was moved to Ward 9D on April 20.

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Since his fever didn’t go off, he was examined and transferred to an insulation center on Tuesday by an infectious disease doctor. On the following day, Covid-19 tested positive. The results of his serology test have been negative.

New Clusters Covid-19
Image Source: The Straits Times

4. Cases 62567, 62568, 62573, 62574 and 62582

The remaining four cases, 71 to 94 years old, are Ward 9D patients and have been detected in a proactive ward testing.

Two of them had fever or acute symptoms of respiratory infection. Among them is Case 62567, a 71-year-old who had symptoms on a Sunday, and Case 62568, a 79-year-old man who became symptomatic on a Wedney.

The three other patients were asymptomatic, between 88 and 94 years of age. Only the 94-year-old patient, a woman, had a serological test that indicated an infection that had been probably past. The second cluster will be connected to an ICA officer at Changi Airport Terminal 1 who is 38 years old. The other eight cases comprise his father, wife and nephew.

They were all reunited for a Sunday meal that was probably where transmission occurred, MOH said.

1. Case 62571

Ion Orchard’s 39-year-old safety agent and private hire car driver. Tuesday was his last day at work. He is an ICA officer family member and had dinner with him on Sunday. On Tuesday, he was in quarantine. The following day he developed a cough but did not report it. During quarantine, he tested positive for Covid-19.

2. Case 62572

A boy who had recently been to school on 22 April, three years old. He was the ICA officer’s nephew and on Sunday he spoke to him during dinner. On Tuesday, he was put in quarantine. The day after, his parents reported that he developed a fever. During quarantine, he tested positively for Covid-19.

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3. Case 62576

A 33-year-old housewife who is an ICA officer family member who spoke on Sunday for dinner. She was quarantined on Tuesday. During her quarantine, she is asymptomatic and positive for Covid-19.

4. Case 62583

A nurse of 32 years at TTSH, married to the officer of the ICA. She’s not at Ward 9D or Ward 7D. “There is no link between Case 62583 and TTSH cluster based on our epidemiological research,” added MOH. It was quarantined on Wednesday. She is asymptomatic, but during quarantine she tested positive for Covid-19.

5. Case 62594

A retiree who is 72 and lives in the same household, who is the father of the ICA officer. He’s been quarantined on Tuesday. It is asymptomatic, but during quarantine it was positive for Covid-19.

6. Case 62595

Goodwood Park Hotel is a 65-year-old telephone operator. He was an ICA officer family member and on Sunday he had dinner with him. He was quarantined on his last day of work Tuesday. It is asymptomatic, but during quarantine has been tested positive for Covid-19.

7. Case 62597

A 38-year-old SP PowerGrid technician. ICA officer’s family member, he spoke to him on Sunday at dinner. On Tuesday, he’s been in quarantine. On Wednesday, he developed a cough and aches. On that day, during quarantines, he was tested for Covid-19 and the results of his test returned positive.

Source: The Straits Times


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