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Since launch, the Outriders group has reacted to each big update with more venom than the last. The Reddit website, as well as Twitter, are flooded with tweets and comments from irate fans who have reached their breaking point.

Although it would be unDespite Outriders’ rough start on launch day, the game was constantly repaired, patched, and updated with zeal on the part of the developers. However, as time has passed, many fans believe that the developers are attempting to “eat their own game” at any opportunity.

derstandable if the remark was a one-off from an enraged gamer, several members of the Outriders community have made similar comments in the past.

The general consensus is that the developers are more concerned with “fixing” the game than with fixing the issues that the community has raised.

Despite the numerous patches and updates, network problems, as well as inventory and game-related bugs, persist, obstructing many players’ enjoyment of the game.

Despite multiple tweets from players, the developers have yet to discuss the more recent problem of griefers booting players. The only way to avoid this issue, according to the Outriders group, is to play.

Although the Outriders demo received a lot of positive reviews, the game isn’t going in the right direction yet. Every update, according to the Outriders community, is hindering the game rather than improving it.

Also the most recent update, which was the biggest to date, seems to have further broken the game, with players still experiencing issues.

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