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Following the nerf of legendaries and the ability to obtain good gear quickly, Outriders is going through a tough patch. Players have been using unconventional methods to obtain the mods they need to continue grinding expeditions.

Despite the fact that developers continue to throw roadblocks in the way of the community with each update, players continue to solve them and find new ways to use the game to their advantage.

Although vulnerabilities will be patched in a future update or the developers will find ways to plug them, for the time being, this new exploit is the quickest way for players to obtain mods after the latest update.

It’s unknown who first found the flaw. However, a YouTuber known as recklessXRP revealed a simple method for players to get the mods with little effort. Although this approach works the majority of the time, it does not always work. Since it is dependent on chance rather than set mechanics, the outcomes are not always acceptable.

This article explains how to get mods using the modding system after the patch update.

This method of accessing mods does not guarantee that all players will be able to use it. It is, however, simple to set up and execute. To use this exploit, follow the steps below.

The method will not work if the steps below are not followed exactly.

Step 1: Purchase the blue equipment with the desired attributes.

Step 2: Activate a save point by switching locations or retrieving an object from the stash.

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Step 3: Speak with Dr. Zahedi and select the upgrade option. Go to “Boost Rarity” and choose the gear that needs to be changed.

Step 4: Close Outriders or disconnect the internet if the requested mod isn’t available. Return to the game and repeat steps three and four until the desired mods are obtained.

Step 5: If the desired mod is available, increase its rarity and reactivate the save point.

Given the circumstances and the higher tier needed for better drop chances, the process is tedious but allows players to acquire mods faster than farming.

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