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Season 3 of COD Mobile Tokyo Escape featured a number of lucky draws. These lucky draws are often used by players with enough in-game money to obtain exclusive skins and Legendary weapons.

The Legendary Mace outfit in COD Mobile, as well as a slew of other data, were recently leaked on social media. The Forged Steel Draw will be the lucky draw’s name, and it will be kept in COD Mobil.

The Legendary Mace Final Guard skin has been eagerly anticipated by players. The second Legendary skin in COD Mobile will be unveiled at the Forged Steel Draw, which will be held tentatively next week.

Since the skin has reactive makeup, owning an iconic outfit helps players to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, legendary skins such as Dark Nikto and Mace have kill feed markers on their left side, which aids players in keeping track of their kills in-game.

The second Operator skin to be released on COD Mobile is Mace Final Guard. In the Tokyo Escape storyline, he will certainly advance the plot. Season 3’s fourth lucky draw will include the soldier outfit that players have been anticipating.

The draw will also include a brand new Renetti – Metal Phantom blueprint in addition to the mask. The Legendary weapon skin will match the latest Mace Final Guard skin perfectly. The Renetti Pistol from Modern Warfare will be part of the Legendary Mace draw, which will carry in a total of ten pieces.

When it comes to the cost of the draw, players will normally get it for free on their first spin if they’re lucky. If they aren’t, the prices will rise with each subsequent draw.

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Disclaimer: The Forged Steel Draw is expected to follow the same template. Furthermore, there is no confirmation that the first draw will be open.

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