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The much-anticipated beta of Project L, a League of Legends-based fighting game, will not be released this year, according to Tom Cannon, the game’s creator. According to Tom Cannon, a developer update will be released later this year that will cover Project L’s growth.

Project L is a fighting game based on League of Legends that is currently in development. Riot Games first revealed Project L on October 15th, 2019, with a brief glimpse of the warrior. Tom Cannon, the co-founder of EVO, is designing Project L.

Project L’s core structures, according to Tom Cannon, are in operation. However, the game is still in the early stages of development, whether public or private. He warned fans that the beta will not be released anytime soon, and certainly not this year.

Canon went on to state in an accompanying tweet that their team is preparing to release a dev update about the game by the end of the year to share more information about the game.

Riot Games’ Project L has the ability to revolutionize the fighting game genre. Riot Games’ Project L will be focused on League of Legends, the company’s MOBA. While it’s unclear how much of the roster will be included in the game, the first-look gameplay teaser gave fans a good look at four of them.

The identities of Ahri, Darius, Katarina, and Jinx have been identified. Interesting enough, champions like Ahri and Jinx fought with bullets, which is a relatively new concept in fighting games.

The wait for more details about Project L is excruciating, with the Good Game Peace Out Netcode (GGPO) possibly powering the multiplayer and League of Legends champions serving as the protagonists.

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