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We’re thankful we’re not on the Cleanup Crew.

One of the greatest pleasures in videogames is kicking grunts intro traps in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Radio Viscera appears to be a game dedicated entirely to that sensation. You control an air cannon that can blast holes in walls and throw peeps into meat grinders in this top-down shooter.

As bouncy as a Crusader: No Regrets:

Or the Orcs will perish! without having to construct the traps yourself?

All of this horrible, wonderful violence is justified by the fact that you’re fighting your way through a “satanic Y2K cultist compound.” In the trailer above, there’s no sign of minions fighting back, but it’s likely that they built all these mincers for their own nefarious purposes.

According to the game’s Steam page, there are costumes to unlock, a scoreboard to climb, and an automatic GIF maker for sharing clips, but I’m really only interested in it for the ability to throw people around destructively. It feels so much better to push people into misfortune than to directly cause it, and any game that allows me to blow holes in walls is a joy.

Radio Viscera comes from the creators of Small Radios Big Televisions, which couldn’t be more dissimilar despite the word “radio” in the title. There was no blood in this strange, pretty game about clicking on environments to find casette tapes.

Radio Viscera plans to release their album this summer, and you can sign up for their newsletter on their website.

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Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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