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The game has an auto-save function that saves any permanent improvements that a player acquires.It has always been essential to save an individual’s progress. Returnal, Housemarque’s new PS5 exclusive title, is causing quite a stir online, but fans are disappointed by the game’s lack of a traditional save feature.

Single-player games have often included the ability to save an individual’s progress. Returnal, on the other hand, does not have any means for players to save their progress.

The problem is that these auto-saves can only be triggered by returning to Returnal and finishing a particular loop. If you exit the game before completing a cycle, you will lose all of your progress. As a result, a number of players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the latest PS5 exclusive tag.

Returnal, like most single-player games, was eagerly awaited for a typical save feature. Housemarque developers have indicated that there is “nothing to report right now.”

Returnal does not appear to have any plans to have a conventional save option. However, there is a solution that players can employ to avoid losing all of their progress in a given cycle.

Idle mode on the PS5 allows players to literally put the game on hold without wasting a lot of energy. This will not only prevent the game from being closed and all progress being lost, but it will also prevent the game from being terminated.

Holding their PS5 in idle mode, on the other hand, is not a choice for anyone.

While Housemarque has stated that there is currently nothing to reveal, the Returnal community’s anger could lead to the inclusion of a much-needed save feature in the game

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