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LGD Gaming led the overall points table after day three of the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) 2021 Season 2’s first week. On the first day of the weekly finals, the top fifteen teams from the previous week competed. The points earned in the weekly finals will only be used to determine the overall league stage ranking.

LGD Gaming leads the leaderboard with 34 kills and 70 points after day three of the first week, led by TJB with 27 kills and 64 points. With 62 points, Show Time came in third place. Season 1 champion Team Weibo had an average day, finishing 12th, while fan favorites Nova XQF and Four Angry Men finished sixth and fifteenth, respectively

LGD Gaming won the first match, which took place on Miramar, with seven frags. Team Game, on the other hand, topped the points table with ten kills. STE and Nova XQF each defeated eight foes.

In the second match, which was also played on Miramar, STE won with nine kills, followed by LGD and SMG with nine and six frags, respectively.

TJB won the third match, which was played on the Sanhok rain forest map, with seven eliminations, followed by Show Time and STE, who each had eight kills.

Show Time won the fourth contest, which was played on Erangel, with seven kills. With a whopping 13 kills, LGD topped the points table. In the match, SMG scored seven frags.

With 13 kills, DKG won the fifth and final match of the day, followed by Show Time with seven kills. TJB finished third with eight eliminations, with OnlyS taking six frags on his own.

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