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On Monday morning (3 May) a 34-year-old man was arrested for stretching 409 Ang Mo Kio and its Food Center. The guy was in a light red sarong and went to the market early in the morning. According to the chicken-rice owner, when he suddenly pulled out some of his attire, Shin Min Daily news reported, the man was walking back and forth in the food center.

Strips I Ang Mo Kio Food Center
Image Source: Asiaone

“He then pulled something out of a bag and burnt it, chanting under his breath as he did so,” the 56-year-old recounted.

Then the man approached the stand and threw into a basket full of vegetables the ashes of the burned object, before pulling out his rest and leaving. The man went up and threw a chair at his side, another witness claimed. Then he cried at Hokkien: “Tonight everybody’s going to get it in this centre.”

He also saw a woman shouting as she went by. The chicken rice stall owner added it was not the first time the man was found in the area.

“I saw him four times at least. Every time he steps like this, he looks pretty abnormal.”

The police confirmed that a report was presented and that man had been arrested on account of his appearance in a public place, in response to the inquiries made by AsiaOne. Inquiries by the police are still in progress.

Source: Asiaone

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