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What are magnets and how do they work?

I enjoy a good “platformer with no jumping” game. Although VVVVVV is still the gold standard, Super Magbot’s playable demo suggests it has its own magnetic appeal. Instead of jumping, you navigate the game’s single-screen levels with a magnet ray that attracts and repels you from different surfaces. It was enjoyable to play.

It’s best to play it with a pad. The left analogue stick controls your character, while the right analogue stick directs your ray and the bumpers fire blue or red pulses. A blue LB pulse will attract you to red surfaces while repelling you from blue ones, while a red RB pulse will attract you to blue while repelling you from red.

Magnets work in the same way: opposites attract, and so on. In practice, I frequently found myself perplexed. Some of the colored platforms vanish as you approach them, allowing you to slingshot through them, and the rapid changes in color and direction caused me to mince myself against spinning blades and dunk myself in green acid dozens of times on just one screen.

It’s not my thing to fine-tune scores. In fact, I’m starting to prefer forgiving platformers to deadly gauntlets, but I liked Super Magbot’s demo because of its central concept. It is effective at what it does.

The Super Magbot demo is now available on Steam. The complete game will be released later this year.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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