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Sunday, The Ministry of Health of Thailand reported 1.940 additional coronavirus cases, and the death rate for one second day hit 21. Thailand controlled the virus largely in the early stages of the pandemic, through shutdowns.

However, the highly transmittable B.1.1.7 variant is a deadly third wave that begins early April and accounts for approximately half of its total death.The total confirmed infections in the country brought Sunday numbers, from 68,984 last year since the pandemic began. There are now 245 total deaths.

Thailand Second Day Record-breaking
Image Source: Reuters

Using imported doses of the Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines of China, Thailand has vaccinated almost 1.5 million people, mostly physicians and vulnerable people.

In June, AstraZeneca locally manufactured doses will start a mass vaccination programme. This weekend the registration of vaccines was open to the public with the goal of inoculating more than 66 million adults in the country.

Source: Reuters

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