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Canada’s first legislative hurdle was cleared up by proposed legislation aimed at achieving net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Parliament members voted in favor of transmitting Bill C-12 for review by a committee of 210-122.

If adopted as it was, the legislation of the Liberal Government would require the implementation of five-year targets in Ottawa from 2030, which would reduce greenhouse gas pollution by 2050. That is when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to reach net zero emissions in Canada, meaning that all carbon-related pollution will not be released into the air, but be offset by green initiatives or stored through technology.

Conservatives Voted Against Bill
Image Source: CTV News

The Conservatives voted against the draft and tabled their own motion to quash it, which other parties did not support. Green MP Elizabeth May, former leader of the party, also voted against the bill because the legislation was too weak in the past.

Tories objected to the government’s establishment of a panel on the achievement of its Net-zero objective, and cited the potential influence of “climate activists” that could hurt the fossil fuels industry, which it claimed was unrepresented. At least two of the fourteen members of the consultative body have an oil and gas background.The New Democrats, who voted in support of the bill, called for stronger responsibilities until 2030, in which Canada had the new target of reducing the level of emissions by up to 45% below 2005.
Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson has stated that he is willing to provide progress reports in 2023 and 2025 in response to the NDP’s request for a 2025 milestone target.

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It’s one of the few changes Wilkinson has said he’s willing to make in order to secure the NDP’s support for the bill.

The Canadian Press first released this article on May 4, 2021.

The Canadian Press’ Stephanie Taylor

Source: CityNews Toronto

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