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Oh, no, not another snoop?

We recently learned that IO Interactive, the creators of Hitman 3, is working on a new James Bond game. Sure, it makes perfect sense. A man in a suit with guns and gadgets murdering a large number of people on a secret mission fits right into their wheelhouse. What’s more surprising is that the third game they’re developing is something completely different. It’s rumored to be set in a medieval world with dragons. Then go ahead, IOI.

“We received information that Microsoft and IO Interactive were in talks for a new fantasy RPG, dubbed Project Dragon,” according to Windows Central. Project Dragon is also “a connected-world RPG, set in an entirely new universe,” according to Windows Central, which cites multiplayer-related job openings at IOI’s studios.

According to our corporate friends at Eurogamer, the project in question is “currently planned to feature a large medieval-esque world and, yes, winged beasts of the dragon variety,” and they’ve heard something similar from their own sources. They’ve also heard that this project is still in its early stages of development and will take years to complete.

For the time being, the dragons are just a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt, but IOI is definitely working on a third project. They’ve previously stated that they’re working on something other than World Of Assassination and their 007 game.

CEO Hakan Abrak said in an interview with earlier this month: “Without going into too much detail, we’re actively working on a third universe that’s a little different and an absolute love child. Something that a lot of veterans and core members in here have wished for for a long time.”

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Medieval and dragons are certainly “different” from their most recent projects. If this is true, we won’t be seeing any more Kane & Lynch or a reunion of the Freedom Fighters. So, what will it be? Is there a sequel to Mini Ninjas? I seriously doubt it. Abrak, in my opinion, makes it sound like whatever they’re cooking up is brand new.

So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Assassins and dragons? Is it possible to have dragons without assassins?

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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