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Roles were reversed when Mrs Jenine Koh attended a ceremony at Singapore Science University (SUSS) yesterday for her mother, Mrs Jaslyn Teo, which graduated from the SUSS. The SUSS convocation for the 2020 class was traditionally held every October and postponed until May 6 as a result of a pandemic.

After graduating with SUSS management from ECE, Ms Teo (52) received a Master of Early Childhood Education (ECE) with a specialization track in leadership.Miss Koh, 23, has followed in the footstep of her mother and graduated with an ECE bachelor of entrepreneurship in the next conference in October.

Ms Teo, a former interior designer, moved on to the ECE sector at the age of 38 when she graduated from the Seed Institute in an advanced education in early childhood leadership. It was a wife, a mother, a part-time student and a childcare principal who had to juggle the duties.

She told The New Paper: “It was really difficult, but I had the support of my family, my lecturers who replied to my e-mails promptly, and my course mates, who went through this process with me. We enjoyed learning and I always looked forward to the next module.”

She got to stay abreast with changing demographics, curriculum approach and directives, and she believes it is important to upgrade her professional skills and knowledge.


In February, Ms. Teo left her job and is now looking for opportunities to support teachers with problems in childcare facilities at an early childhood. She completes her Master of digital learning in Melbourne, Australia at Monash University.

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Also at the childcare center her mother ran when she was 16 she began helping out.

She told TNP: “I was partially influenced by my mum.

“Going to after-school care at her centre when I was young helped me to see behind the scenes of how a centre is run and also identify problems to be resolved when (I later taught there).”

Their relationship with the SUSS has been strengthened and valuable lessons have been drawn from each other while studying.
Miss Koh said: “Being young, I might not think of the macro (overview). As my mother is more experienced, she helped me see things from various stakeholders’ perspectives, think bigger and be more empathetic.”

Ms Teo added: “My daughter helped me broaden my perspectives too and learn how to adjust and adapt to the changing landscape in the ECE sector, like more digitalisation.”

Although Mrs. Teo has previously been invited to attend, this time around it is even more special.
She said: “I feel proud to graduate with my daughter and I am glad my journey has created a positive impact on her career development.”

Miss Koh added: “Not many parents study at this age, so I definitely feel proud of her as well.”

Source: The New Paper

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