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TOKYO -The oldest person in the world, a 118-year-old Japanese woman, has decided not to participate in a flames relay for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo over pandemic fear (May 5).

Ms Kane Tanaka was honored as one of Fukuoka’s relievers in southern Japan, which will begin on the 11th May, said the officer. The Guinness World Record has been awarded.

“We received an email from her family which said she wanted to withdraw from the relay as she and her family were concerned about spreading the virus at the nursing home,” the official said at the home.

Oldest Person World
Image Source: Reuters

A coronavirus outbreak hit the Olympic torch relay that started in March. Covid-19 was diagnosed with six people assisted by the torch relay, the organizers of the Tokyo 2020 event said on Sunday, bringing the total number of cases involved to 8. Some celebrity participants withdrew from the pandemic because of security reasons.

In a situation of emergency, Japan declared Covid-19 last month to prevent the resurgence of infections for main population centers, including Tokyo and Osaka. The Yomiuri Newspaper announced on Thursday that the government is considering extending the measures.

Source: Reuters

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