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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Friday (30 April) announced the online testing of electric scooters and electric bike riders from 30 June this year. The theory examinations include questions of several choices with online manuals for the two tests. It covers three modules for both riders and helps them to become better acquainted with safety issues and not. The manuals include basic information on these mobility devices, pre-trip and equipment checks and conduct rules for both devices.

Online Theory Test
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In the Facebook article, LTA told us that they will subsequently share versions in various languages.

This announcement is in the context of the proposed mandatory test proposed by the Active Mobility Consultative Panel in September 2019 following a spate of mobility accidents. This includes a cyclist’s death following a collision with a quick e-scooter that does not comply with regulations.In March, Baey Yam Keng, the Senior Parliamentary Transport Secretary, said obligatory testing would begin in mid-year.

These tests are intended to ensure that all motorcycle drivers are aware of the rules and behavioral codes, he said in the debate on the budget of his ministry in Parliament.

These manuals are available for e-bike and e-scooter riders in these respective links.

Source: Asiaone

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