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Then and Now, in our monthly review, we disclose some of the ways planet Earth has changed in a warming world. Here we look at how global heating affects Victoria Falls, one of the world’s natural wonders – and how Sub-Saharan Africa is tackling the climate crisis.

Victoria Falls is easy to describe in full swing as one of the world’s natural wonders. The largest waterfall in Africa is 1.7km long and over 100m high. Locals call it “The smoke that thunders.” It is the largest waterfall in Africa.The Zambezi River sinks into a chasm called the First Gorge. This incredible feature is made. The waste was carved in the volcanic rock, which forms the scenery in this region of South Africa, by the action of water along a nature-fracture zone.

Then And Now Victoria Falls
Image Source: BBC

Victoria Falls, however, remained silent in 2019.
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The Zambezi’s flow was reduced to a relative snare during the drought described as the most serious in a centennium and the Falls dropped. Victoria Falls has become a valuable source of revenue for Zimbabwe and Zambia, as a major tourist attraction of the Region. As news spread over the lower waters, local merchants saw visible numbers declining.

It has also affected the economies of the countries and the supply of electricity that depends on hydropower generation. Agencies have reported a wider need for food assistance throughout the region, as crops have failed in the drought.

Then And Now Victoria Falls
Image Source: BBC

‘Stark reminder’

In isolation, a single extreme weather event cannot be seen as a result of climate change.

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But the region recorded a sequence of extreme droughts that showed what climatic models expected to occur due to increased greenhouse gas emissions from human activity in the world’s atmosphere.President of Zambia Edgar Lungenu called it “a strong reminder of the effects of climate change on our environment” when he spoke at the time.

Weather patterns observers in the Zambezi basin believe that the changing climate leads to a delay in the monsoon season which concentrates the rain in greater intensity.

This makes it more difficult to store the water in the region and harms people and the environment more as a result of the extended dry season.In the UN’s 2019 report on climate change in Africa, the continent could see its population twice in the next century, painted a distressing picture.

Then And Now Victoria Falls
Image Source: BBC

Speaking at the launch report of October 2020, Secretary-General Petteri Taalas said: “Climate change has a growing impact on the African continent, it is the hardest hit, and helps to ensure food insecurity, displacement and water resources stress.”In recent months, we have seen devastating floods, an invasion of desert locusts and now face the looming spectre of drought because of a La Niña event.”

The report says 2019 was one of the continent’s warmest three years. It warns against continuing warming trends. Politicians, policy makers and civil society are concerned by the fact that climate change will be the continent that is most badly hit. However, the continent’s ability to adapt to the world of warmth is low. Concerns include water supply, food safety, food safety, drought and flooding, biodiversity. It is a continuously growing list of concerns.

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The fight against dangerous climate change is on the frontlines of Africa.
Every month, the Then and Now Planet will continue until the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow in November 2021.

Source: BBC

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