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Kylie Jenner traveled all the way to Miami to celebrate the birthday of her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott. Now that the two have boarded her private plane back to L.A. together, rumors of a reunion have surfaced.

Does this signal rekindle the romance of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott? The parents of Stormi Webster, a three-year-old daughter, spend a lot of time together lately, and fans talk about their latest plane trip. On board its $72 million rose, private plane, the 23-year-old cosmetics mogul flowed to Miami to participate in the blowout birthday of the “Sicko Mode” racers. After flying from the Bahamas into Miami last week in an even bigger private jet, Travis took a flight back to L. A. aboard Kylie Air with his former girlfriend on Mondai 3 May.

Kylie was taken wearing a black sweatsuit, with her hoodie hiding her face over her head as she walks her jet steps. Her manicuring was long, and Ky seemed to be wearing a hermes birkin dark tan leather bag from her incredible collection of bags. Later she showed on the floor of her plane in an Instagram story.

Travis followed him closely, and he didn’t attempt to hide and go like Kylie’s stomach. The baby boy, 29, was wearing a black short-sleeved T-Shirt with jeans and a black baseball cap with shiny white sneakers. But his signature did not hide thin braids, easily seen.

During the party at LIV, Kylie and Travis were both captured on camera by partygoers by each other’s arms, leaning in close and smiling at each other. The mother of one also posted a picture of one of her outfits on her Instagram stories, which she later shared on the main account. Travis commented with a fire emoji, then dubbed his birthday party with Kylie the “Best Time Ever” on Instagram.

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Kylie was watched hugging Travis in other fan videos and the pair seemed to like some more. After two years, the two split together at the beginning of Oct. 2019 with a baby girl. However, the breakup was not dramatic and the pair remained friends and loving Stormi’s partners. On April 30, Kylie shared Travis a birthday tribute, posting photos never seen before, including one in a pink ball pit held by Stormi.

After that, a snapshot of the dad and daughter dressed up and Stormi, who gave her dad a kiss on their cheek was taken. Kylie also had a cute image of his little girl proudly holding on his arms from a trip to Travis zoo. Kylie, Travis and Stormi create such a lovely family, and so it’s no wonder that fans hope that the queen of cosmetics and the rapper will meet for good.

Source: HollywoodLife

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