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PUBG Mobile has broken down barriers in gaming and is now being played by millions of people from all walks of life. The game has a special place in the Indian psyche, with a large and devoted fanbase who were left frustrated when it was blocked in the region.

The announcement of the localized version gave players hope for the game’s return, but it has since been dashed. PUBG Mobile fans in India have received a slew of good news in the last few days. A few clips were posted to PUBG Mobile India’s official YouTube channel earlier this week, but they were quickly made private.

PUBG Mobile India’s YouTube channel received four clips in all. These were the previous teasers from November, which included Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan. Some users were able to catch a glimpse of them, and a few even managed to record them. The two private clips can be viewed by players.

Luv Sharma, aka GodNixon, previously claimed that the government had provided the green light for PUBG Mobile’s return in a video, according to his sources.

Furthermore, Dynamo, a famous PUBG Mobile streamer, teased a cryptic hint about PUBG Mobile India. The trailer will be released on a double-digit date, while the game will be released on a single-digit date, according to him.

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