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“Go to the bottomless pit.” These were the last words Wang Nan heard when her married kissed her on his cheek and drove her out from Thailand’s cliff where he allegedly brought her on 9 June 2019 to see the sunrise.

Wang hit a thick layer of trees in Pha Taem National Park three months pregnant with her man, Yu Xiaodong’s child, before slamming into a rock. She sat in agony for about half an hour before she was found by a tourist.Her husband Yu had been pressing Wang for money to pay his gambling debts in the days leading up to the attack, and the attempted murder was a desperate effort to gain her fortune, according to a Thai court later. Before the two married two years ago, Wang had her own business selling goods between China and Thailand.

Wang miraculously recovered, but she was left with 17 bone fractures, the majority of which went untreated at the remote and overburdened hospital where she was originally taken, and have since developed into deformities. She also has three metal plates implanted in her body and is completely reliant on her parents for support.Due to the large doses of medication that she needed to take after the attack, she was forced to end her unborn baby. She had to endure one operation after another and struggled between surgeries to regenerate her strength through physiotherapy.

Woman Driven Off Cliff
Image Source: South China Morning Post

The 33-year-old woman, who came home to Nanjing three weeks after the attack in summer 2019, stated that the last two years have been a “infinite repetition of surgery and rehabilitation.”

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“I have healed mentally, but not physically… There’s such a gap between my mind and body now,” she told the South China Morning Post.

In March of last year, a court in Ubon Ratchathani province sentenced Yu to life in prison and ordered him to pay 1.1 million yuan (S$230,000) in compensation. He has filed an appeal, and a second hearing has been scheduled.
“I want the most severe punishment for him. He hurt his wife and his child… To some extent, my baby was killed by him,” Wang said.

Although healing, Wang has spoken out about her ordeal in the media and on social media, warning other women to be wary of evil in their lives.

“After my story was reported, many people found it unbelievable. They were shocked that a human being can be so evil,” she said.

Woman Driven Off Cliff
Image Source: South China Morning Post

Wang and Yu tied the knot in July 2017, just two months after meeting in Bangkok. Yu proposes to Wang almost every day, according to Wang. Yu picked her up every day after her Thai language class for a week before writing her a long letter expressing his love and declaring that she was the one with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.
“I had been anticipating marriage and having a family. When he offered such possibilities I suddenly saw a bright future… I only realised later that he had gone through my Wechat moments in the previous three years and learned this mentality of me,” she said.

“Every morning he knocked at my door and prepared different kinds of breakfast for me … when we hung out, he always paid the bill before I wanted to. He appeared to not only have good taste but also to be financially independent,” she said, ”all my friends spoke highly of him. He was a very thoughtful person and was good at taking hints.”

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In the two years that followed, she discovered that her husband was broke, unable to work, and was relying on her for financial support; he constantly begged her to pay off his gambling debts, which she did at first. In early 2019, Yu asked her to pay a 2 million yuan debt, which further strained their relationship. She charged just half the sum and demanded he take care of the remainder, frustrated and hoping he would be forced to take some responsibility.

In one online video, she recalled, “It’s probably then that he wanted to get the money by killing me.”
Yu claimed to be away when Wang fell and threatened to kill her if she spoke out, so her fall was initially viewed as an accident.
“Shut up. Don’t shout. No one can understand Chinese here. There was neither a surveillance camera nor a witness. The police would only take me away for inquiry. When I’m back I won’t let you off,” were his first words to her when he next saw her in hospital.

Woman Driven Off Cliff
Image Source: South China Morning Post

Terrified, she kept quiet about what had happened and pretended to accompany Yu, who never left her bedside. Yu didn’t let down his guard until the fifth morning after the assault and went out for breakfast. Wang took advantage of the situation and convinced a doctor at the hospital that her fall was not an accident.Then, realizing she needed evidence he attempted to kill her, she enlisted the help of a friend who paid a visit to Wang in the hospital and secretly recorded a conversation in which Yu admitted he pushed her. She said that this was the key piece of evidence that led to his arrest.

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“I came forward because I want other women to learn from me. You might have never seen such kind of people before, but after learning my story you should stay alert. If you have similar experiences you should end the relationship in time,” she said.

“I really don’t know how the divorce case will turn out, as there are no examples to follow. It’s the first of this kind they handle,” she said.

In recent years, there have been many reports of Chinese men murdering their wives for financial gain.In 2018, a man from Tianjin was sentenced to death in Thailand for drowning his wife while on vacation in Phuket with their daughter. Later, the man confessed to his family that he murdered his wife in order to collect insurance premiums worth over 30 million yuan.

Woman Driven Off Cliff
Image Source: South China Morning Post

Since a local court in Jiangsu, China, where both of them are from, declined to grant a divorce until Yu’s appeal was heard in Thailand, Wang said Yu was still her legal husband.

Despite everything that has happened to her, Wang still believes in love. “If one day God arranges another man for me, I will still embrace love … If there’s anything different, it may be that I’ll be more careful about his background, have more time to know him,” she said.

Source: South China Morning Post

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