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Women who met Douyin were shocked to find that they were twins at birth. A woman of central Henan province in China who found a woman in social media who looked strikingly similar to herself has found that she is the same twin.

The results of the DNA testing confirmed their biological link to Zhang Li, who lives 50 km away. Cheng Keke from the city of Gongyi, announced on ByteDance’s social media video platform yesterday. They found out last month that when their single mother put them up for adoption, they were separated at birth.

“I successfully got an elder sister today,” Cheng said in a video post.

Cheng, who has a two-year-old daughter, learned from her sister-in-law in January that an instructor at a martial arts school in Kaifeng city resembled her. According to a story in the Beijing News, the similarity was so striking that even Cheng’s closest relatives couldn’t tell them apart.

Women Met Douyin
Image Source: South China Morning Post

Cheng contacted the woman, Zhang Li, the mother of an 11-year-old boy and a six-year-old daughter, and discovered that the resemblance did not end there. Cheng’s birth date was registered on the when she was adopted several days after she was born, so their birthdays are in the same month in the same year, but they are several days apart.They also share the same blood type, dietary preferences, and clothing preferences, and had even purchased some of the same products.

A month after the initial contact, the two women had a video call and were blown away. Zhang wondered aloud, “Am I looking in a mirror?” at the time. Cheng was the only daughter of her adoptive parents, who adored her and said she had never suspected she was adopted until she met Zhang. She said it took her two months to summon the courage to ask them.
Cheng’s mother initially denied that she was adopted, but later admitted that she was introduced to the family 29 years ago by an elderly woman of whom little is known. The next day, Cheng and Zhang met.

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“I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep. My legs kept shaking. I was more nervous than when I was giving birth,” Cheng recalled.

“I was really excited when I finally met Zhang Li and immediately felt close. We have the same canine teeth and moles on the face. Our voices are similar and we both cover our mouths when laughing,” Cheng said.

Women Met Douyin
Image Source: South China Morning Post

For their second meeting, Cheng’s mother went to meet Zhang, who wept long time and told both babies that if she knew that there was a twin she would have adopted. At the end of last month, the two women and the adoptive mothers met.
Zhang’s mother, whose name is only Han, said that the biological mother of the daughter when she had the twins was not married and asked others to help them find a home. Han said that she couldn’t afford to raise them up back then, so after paying $600 yuan, she took only one of them.Cheng’s mother said she decided to take the baby girl after two other families turned her down — Cheng was born prematurely and couldn’t cry at the time.

According to Han, Zhang was still too frail to cry or eat, and she had to feed her baby formula with a syringe for a week before she could eat on her own.

Han was initially opposed to DNA testing because she was afraid her daughter would leave her to find her biological mother, but she ultimately agreed after both women told the mothers that they would not lose a daughter, but instead obtain a new one. Both women have stated that they have no desire to locate their biological parents.
“They (her birth parents) would have come to find us if they wanted to. Where were they in the past 30 years?” Zhang Li said.

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Source: South China Morning Post

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