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Your friendship has been formed for decades by the same desire and passion to serve your community. It began over 30 years ago. K. Madavy Nair would wave to an at-winter Eric Goh as she passed his father’s hair salon Top Supreme as he trained for SEA Games. Former National Athlete and Police Official K.

Madam Nair, 71, the Chair of the Women’s Executive Committee of the Nee Soon East Community Club (WEC), and Mr Goh, 49, Mystique Hub, Director of the Hair Show, have since joined forces to launch the 2018 Nee Soon East grassroots program for a free haircut system.Now, on the second Saturday of the month every 2 months, Mr Goh and his team of three stylists spend two hours cutting the hair of 35 people in apartments.

Friendship Nee Soon East Lead
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They also volunteer in Swami Home, a volunteer healthcare organization that offers integrated home care and services for the elderly, Sunshine Welfare Action Mission in Sembawang.

Since 2009, Mrs Nair told the New Paper, they have given Swami residents free haircuts. Madam Nair – which, after retiring from the police force, became a student management officer in the Northbrooks Secondary School – and WEC volunteers ensure that safe management measures are taken and that residents are assisted, dusted and cleaned after the haircuts.

Friendship Nee Soon East Lead
Image Source: The New Paper

Mr. Goh tends to serve all the residents even though his hair salon is tending towards him.
Madam Nair said: “After we cut their hair, they always ask when the next haircut will be held. Doing community service from the heart is an emotionally rewarding experience as it is meaningful and fulfilling.”

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Mr Goh said: “I feel touched. It makes me look forward to helping and bonding with the residents again the next time.”

Source: The New Paper

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