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Players in Genshin Impact can choose from a wide range of characters. When it comes to the most difficult material, however, certain characters are selected more often than others.

The top Chinese Genshin Impact players recently sorted and arranged these characters in a list, which was recently published. This is a list of the most popular characters for those who have completed the Spi.

Since the game’s release, Genshin Impact players have been checking their limits in the Spiral Abyss. Many characters’ ranking is determined by their ability to survive in the Abyss.

Players of all types attempt to complete this mission, from F2P players attempting to grind Primogems to P2W players attempting to demolish the Abyss with their completely equipped teams.

These Chinese players have all completed the Abyss and have submitted their findings, which will be used to compile a list of the most powerful characters players will use to take on the gauntlet.

Zhongli truly deserved the title of Geo Archon after his buffs in Genshin Impact, as he can bring his team through any challenge with his strong shields and incredible crowd control.

Any player who has the chance to use Zhongli should take advantage of it, as his utility cannot be overstated. The three-and-a-half seconds that players have after hiatus.

With a charged attack that can strike for over 300 percent of her Attack at just level 6, Ganyu has some of the highest damage numbers in Genshin Effect. Ganyu is an excellent choice for the Abyss because of her huge AOE and willingness to melt.

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Her taunt can also help players get out of tight situations, allowing her to make a difference on floors where many enemies are attacking at the same time.

Bennett, who is unsurprising to any Genshin Impact player, is ranked third on this list due to his outstanding supporting ability. Bennett is a staple for any Abyss team, providing huge Attack buffs to his team thanks to his Elemental Burst and consistent energy production.

Bennett is also a fantastic healer, allowing players to use him as a versatile powerhouse on their side. Bennett is undeniably talented.

Hu Tao is another extremely powerful Genshin Impact DPS character who made this list thanks to her massive Pyro damage.

Hu Tao takes fourth position on this list thanks to her Elemental Burst ability, which allows her to inflict over 500 percent of her attack and consistently heavy Pyro damage on her auto attacks.

If possible, players would want to use her as their team’s carry. Xingqiu is ranked fifth on this list due to his Hydro support abilities in Genshin Effect, which cannot be overstated. With his Elemental Skill bringing both damage reduction and healing, as well as the most consistent Hydro application in the game, Xingqiu is a must-have in any Pyro composition.

He’s a fantastic character, and if players aren’t already using him, they should.  Although Diluc and Klee were once considered the absolute top tier characters in Genshin Impact due to their massive Pyro damage, many players were surprised to see them pushed out of the top five.

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Players have recently prioritized utility over straight damage, which has pushed these characters out of favor, as they only inflict flat damage with no other benefits.

Although Diluc and Klee can still deal a lot of harm, they can’t match Zhongli’s petrification or Bennett’s healing. They are, however, still used quite commonly. It’s for this reason that players who use these characters don’t have to be concerned.

Despite being a 5-star character, Keqing is near the bottom of this list, which may disappoint some players. This is due to the fact that her builds are actually unusable in Genshin Impact due to the Electro element’s weakness.

Physical damage can still be useful in some situations, but Keqing is currently underutilized. Razor has the same problem, but the improvements and buffs to Electro reactions may be enough to fix it in a future update. Players will have to wait to see whether or not these updates have a significant effect on these characters.

This list represents the most powerful characters in the eyes of these top-tier Chinese players, but it does not apply to all players. These characters might not be as effective without Constellations, as these lists were collected from both P2W and F2P matches.

Before following tier lists and assessing what they should do for their own teams, players should keep this in mind, as all of the content in Genshin Impact can be completed with the right composition and objects.

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