Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Captured PDA During Vacation in Italy

On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck resumed their “2021 We’re Super in Love” tour by showing off their PDA along the Mediterranean.

Ben and J Lo were all over one other again on a wharf in Naples, Italy, as they smooched it up.

They’ve spent the entire week on a multimillion-dollar superyacht, wandering along the coasts of France and Italy. For a week on the yacht, they’ll pay roughly $1.1 million. Seriously.

A-Rod has also been yachting in the Mediterranean, and has been in the same area as Ben and Jen at times. There hasn’t been any interaction between them as far as we can tell.

In case you haven’t heard, the on-again couple is vacationing in Italy and enjoying the time of their life. While a summer vacation would be reason enough to travel to Europe, the couple’s romantic excursion also served as a birthday celebration for Jennifer, who turned 52 this year.

Ben and J.Lo can’t seem to get enough of one other, as shown by recent sightings of the rekindled couple—and their newest PDA serves as further proof. On July 29, while on a yacht with his other half, the Oscar winner was spotted kissing her close to the nape of her neck. That is obviously not the case with the “Lonely” vocalist.

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