Angelina Jolie Wears a Long Black Dress in Los Angeles

On Monday afternoon, Angelina Jolie was seen exiting an office building in Beverly Hills, California, wearing a casual outfit and matching face mask.

On Aug. 23, just three days after her Instagram debut, Angelina Jolie, 46, spent part of her day at a workplace. As she exited the building, the actress was spotted wearing a long black dress that came down to her ankles and had long flared out sleeves, as well as tan heels. Her long straight locks were down and parted in the middle, and she wore a black face mask to complete the appearance.

The model had a tan purse over one shoulder and appeared to be holding an off-white bag in the other. She strolled past cars and didn’t notice the cameras because she was focused on her surroundings. Her daughter Zahara, 16, and a bodyguard were also apparently present for the outing, though they were not photographed.

Image Source: Hollywood Life

Angelina Jolie’s visit came after she made headlines for the first time on Instagram on August 20. It’s unclear which office she was visiting or why she was there. She utilized her first post to raise awareness for the Afghan issue, and she is said to have set a record for being the first person to gain one million and two million followers on the popular social media platform.

Angelina released a second post supporting refugees and overall human rights, in addition to her initial post, which featured a letter from a teenage girl in Afghanistan. She invited her followers to follow in her footsteps by visiting the UN Refugee Agency’s account to learn more about how they can support displaced people.

“I started working with displaced people because I believe passionately in human rights,” part of her caption for the post read. “Not out of charity, but out of a deep respect for them and their families, and all they continue to overcome, despite so much persecution, inequality and injustice.”

Angelina Jolie was spotted hugging some of her children, including her daughters Shiloh, 15, Zahara, and Vivienne, 13, outside of a Burbank hospital on the same day she debuted her Instagram page and posts. It’s unknown why she was there, but the arrival of her daughters seemed to make her pleased, as she flashed large smiles.

Source: Hollywood Life

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