Canalys Predicts a 3% Increase in Western Europe’s PC Market in Q2 2021 with Apple and Lenovo Tablets on the Rise

It’s fascinating to see how sectors moved in response to COVID regulations, which required lasting adjustments in the workplace and technology. Despite increasing demand, sales of PCs (desktops, laptops, and workstations) are declining in Western Europe, according to Canalys’ latest study.

When compared to the initial surge in PC sales that accompanied the implementation of COVID restrictions, Q2 2020 experienced a 39 percent rise over Q2 2019. According to analysts, a moderate 3% YoY rise in Q2 2021 may have been higher if not for the component shortage.

Image Source: Gsmarena

“Demand is still strong. Western Europe has emerged into a post-COVID ‘new normal’, a rapidly digitizing world, as shown by the robust shipping numbers. Had supply issues been resolved, we could have seen even higher growth in the PC market.” – Trang Pham, Research Analyst at Canalys

In Western Europe, PC sales for Q2 2021 reached 15 million units, the most of which were Lenovo devices, taking 27% market share with 4.1 million units shipped. HP came second with 3.7 million and 24% share, Dell took 14%, Acer 10%, and Apple grabbed 9% market share.

Image Source: Gsmarena

Lenovo has topped sales in Western Europe for the previous three quarters, according to Canalys, thanks to its global market leadership position, which provides it more negotiating leverage with suppliers and allows it to fill orders faster than its competitors. HP, the former market leader, failed to maintain a decent balance between the EU and the US, costing it the top spot.

Tablets are a less expensive alternative to PCs for remote working and learning, and they are particularly popular among students with low tech needs. With 7.9 million units supplied, overall tablet shipments increased by 18%.

Image Source: Gsmarena

Apple and Lenovo both took 36 percent and 20 percent of the tablet market share in the second quarter of 2021, respectively. Apple witnessed a 73 percent increase in shipments YoY following the launch of its M1-powered iPad Pro, while Lenovo saw an 87 percent increase YoY. Lenovo took advantage of the price discrepancies created by the Apple iPad’s higher retail price points. Meanwhile, shipments of the number three, four, and five tablet manufacturers, Samsung, Huawei, and Amazon, have all seen declines.

Source: Gsmarena

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