Dana White and the UFC Crafted a Narrative to “Shut Down Fighters and Attack Champions” According to Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold is set to return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but he isn’t afraid to criticize UFC President Dana White and his team.

Rockhold (16-5) is set to face Sean Strickland (24-3) at UFC 268, which is set to take place on Saturday, November 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. In the lead-up to his first fight in nearly two years, the former UFC Middleweight will not be hesitant about criticizing the organization.

“Guys like Francis Ngannou are getting shelved for asking for his worth, and they’re creating interim titles, which is all bulls—t. I mean, this is the type of s—t you have to deal with,” Rockhold told MMA Junkie Radio. “I’m not always here for it. I’m not gonna be here for it. I’m gonna speak my mind exactly how I want, to say what I say, what I feel. Like it or not, f—k, I’m here.

“I’m gonna respect myself publicly. I’m not gonna disrespect myself, which is what a lot of people do, which is the common narrative with the UFC and what Dana White has created – to shut down fighters and criticize champions. The narrative that they’ve created is for the fans to want to hate on fighters, and it’s just bulls—t. You’ve got to go out there, respect yourself, and get paid. This is the f—king fight game. We’re the fighters, we’re the entertainment, and we deserve our worth.”

Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington 2 for the UFC Welterweight Championship is set to be the main event of UFC 268.

Source: MSN Sports

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