Demi Rose Strips Down to Her Underwear in a Sheer Beach Cover-Up

Bombshell brunette Demi Rose’s newest Instagram post, a smokin’ hot series of images taken on a balcony in which she flaunted her beautiful physique, wowed her 17.1 million followers. Although no geotag was included, fans know the photos were shot in Ibiza, Spain, which she has called home since leaving the United Kingdom last year.

Demi didn’t mention the company behind her sultry attire in the Instagram photo, but there was plenty to enjoy in the steamy photos for her fans. Short sleeves and a low neckline adorned the sheer beach cover-up she wore. It was primarily light green in hue, with white spots. With the hem touching her lower legs, the garment resembled a dress.

Underneath the semi-see-through item, the influencer went braless, although the prints of her cover-up hid certain NSFW sections. Her generous cleavage, as well as a glimpse of her toned midriff, were on display. Demi also discarded her slacks, but she made sure the critical organs were hidden beneath the snaps.

Demi was relaxing on a balcony lounger. She leaned to the side and rested her right arm on the armrest to support her weight, bending her knees and smiling as she looked at the camera. The background included a stunning picture of the coastline and the ocean, complete with yachts sailing by.

The model was in a similar stance in the second photo. Her lips were parted in a sensuous manner and appeared to be glossed over. She stared off into the distance, her perky endowments on display for the camera. Demi could be seen posing on the other side of the lounger with a swipe to the right. She leaned against the armrest, her chin jutting upward as she lowered her head.

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