Felipe Vazquez Received a Four-Year Sentence for Sexually Abusing a Teen

On Tuesday, Felipe Vazquez, a former pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was sentenced to four years in jail for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

Vazquez, 30, was sentenced to two to four years in jail, as well as two years of probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender, by Judge Scott Mears.

In May, he was convicted of ten charges of child sexual abuse, two instances of unauthorized contact with a minor, and one count each of statutory sexual assault, indecent sexual assault, and minor corruption. In addition, he was found not guilty of ten counts of making unauthorized contact or communication with a minor.

According to police, Vazquez met the girl on social media when she was 13 years old in July 2017, drove to her home when her parents were out of town, and had intercourse with her before returning to Pittsburgh a month later.

They exchanged sexually graphic text messages and photographs until the teen’s mother discovered the relationship in June 2019 and informed authorities in Florida.

Vazquez “stole my innocence and robbed me of my high school years,” the teen, now 17, testified, adding that she suffers from melancholy and anxiety.

On Tuesday, Mears refused a motion for acquittal filed by defense counsel Gery Gerson, alleging that the evidence presented against Vazquez during the trial did not support the guilty verdicts and that the minor lied to Vazquez about her age.

Vazquez will be eligible for parole beginning next month after serving 23 months in prison.

However, because he is facing accusations in Florida and Missouri for other alleged offenses involving the same victim, his release could be delayed.

Previously, Florida authorities tried to extradite Vazquez on allegations of possessing child pornography, including images supplied to him by the kid, but Gerson predicted that Vazquez would be returned to Venezuela.

Source: UPI

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