Greg Newsome II, the “Rag Doll” Receiver is Shown on Video Attempting to Block

Despite the fact that the NFL is a pass-first league where cornerbacks are paid (and drafted) to defend receivers, being physical in the run game is still vital. This is especially true in the AFC North, where great rushing attacks are expected from Lamar Jackson, J.K. Dobbins, Joe Mixon, and Najee Harris.

Greg Newsome II was picked by the Cleveland Browns with a lot of emphasis on his speed, quickness, and scheme versatility. Newsome, who is expected to play both inside and outside, has already demonstrated his versatility during training camp and preseason.

He also displays his physicality in this clip, as he throws a Giants receiver off of him rather than allowing himself to be blocked:

Newsome’s first-round selection will be determined by his ability to lock down opposing receivers and make plays on the football in the passing game. If he can maintain this kind of physicality, the Northwestern alum will immediately become a Cleveland fan favorite.

Source: MSN Sports

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