In Northern Italy, Fire Rips Through a 20-Story Residential Building

Italian authorities are investigating the cause of a fire that ripped through a 20-story apartment building on Monday, gutting the structure and putting it at risk of collapse, officials said.

The fire started on the higher floors of the skyscraper before spreading to the lower levels, according to fire officials.

When the fire broke out, about three dozen people were inside, but they were all safely evacuated.

There were no injuries or missing residents, according to officials.

Authorities believe the fire on the 15th level of the skyscraper, which was built roughly ten years ago, was started by a short circuit.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in Milan before,” Milan Fire Brigade Chief Giuliano Santagata said, according to ANSA.

Milan, Italy’s second-largest city, is located in the Lombardy region about 150 miles west of Venice and 70 miles northeast of Turin.

Source: UPI

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