In the Middle of Latest Legal Battles, Britney Spears Dances To Prince

Britney Spears spun to the Prince ‘Sexy MF” track everywhere after having been hit by her employee’s alleged battery default.

On another day, another video dancing a storm from Britney Spears! The 39-year-old superstar has displayed her dance movements into Prince’s 1992 song, “Sexy MF,” on Thursday in a video in Instagram that was shared by Brit on the same day. Britney, who is still fighting her ongoing conservatory battle, was dressed in a small video on a tank top and spanned the Prince’s track several times with a great smile on her face. The video was 19 of August. She entitled the footage to “I told you I really love @Prince.”

Despite her latest legal battle, Britney seemed in good spirits. In a battery investigation, the “Stronger” singer claims that Britney “hit her during a dispute” inside her home. TMZ reported that news for the beginning and the report of the outlet claimed that the alleged argument occurred when the employee had taken the veterinarian’s dog to Britneys and discussed the health of the dog. Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Captain Eric Buschow confirmed that HollywoodLife had received news and added that the alleged incident had no injuries.

But Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, shot this allegation down. “This is a sensational tabloid fodder overblown — nothing but manufactured ‘he said’ about a cellular phone that is unconspicuous and obviously no harm at all,” Matthew said to HL. “Nobody can charge but this should immediately have been closed.”

While this latest British drama ensues, the singer struggles to remove her father Jamie Spears as her estate curator. In an emotional testimony in court on June 23, she accused him of conservative abuse. “I’m asking for the court because as a conservator I want my dad out… She told Brenda Penny to judge during a testimony: I was afraid my dad would grow up.

The efforts of Brit and his team seemed to be worthwhile, because Jamie has just agreed to step down from “time is right” as her estate conservator—a role he has held for thirteen years now. On Sept. 29, Brit’s legal team will be trying to remove Jamie from his job and substituting for Jason Rubin, a certified public accountant. The next court date is the conservation battle.

Source: Hollywood Life

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