James Washington, WR for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is Evasive When Asked About a Trade Request

The Pittsburgh Steelers feature one of the NFL’s most talented wide receiver groupings. James Washington is a wonderful example of this. Washington, despite being the team’s second-round pick in 2018, has seen limited action in this passing offense.

Along those lines, there was a rumor that Washington had demanded a trade and was dissatisfied with his offensive role. Washington was asked about both after practice on Wednesday, and his comments didn’t really clarify anything.

“That’s a private conversation,” Washington remarked when questioned about a trade. In terms of being content in Pittsburgh, I adore it. Who wouldn’t want to work as a football player? Every day, I come to work with a smile on my face.”

He inquired about a trade, but it didn’t appear that the Steelers were interested in making it happen. Perhaps they agreed to incorporate him in the crime to a greater extent, but that was another question. When asked about obtaining more playing time, Washington answered, “It’s been discussed.”

Since entering the NFL, Washington has had to share the field with some outstanding players. Regardless, Washington’s entire career has consisted of making plays when given the chance. In 2019, Washington had his best season, catching 44 catches for 735 yards and an astounding 16.7 yards per catch. Remember, this was the season when Ben Roethlisberger missed 14 games and Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges were catching passes for Washington.

Source: MSN Sports

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