KO Rengage Pacquiao Tips ‘He Took my Belt!’

Yordenis Ugas is advised by Manny Pacquiao that she wants a savage knockout, believing that the Cuban ‘takes my belt’ before of the World Title battle on Saturday.

On the Sunday morning, the Filipino star returns to fight Ugas for the “super” universal belt of the WBA at Las Vegas.

Pacquiao claimed the same winning WBA championship in 2019, with Keith Thurman winning points, but because of inactivity the ruling board removed him and made Ugas ‘super’ the champion.

“I didn’t like that someone took my belt without challenging me in the ring,” said Pacquiao at the final press conference.

“Both of us are champions, but we’ll see who has the belt after Saturday.”

At the age of 42, Pacquiao has revealed that his preparations have been more intense than for his last fight, and plans to inflict an explosive defeat on Ugas.

“I feel young right now,” said Pacquiao. “I’m just happy with what I’m doing, because boxing is my passion.

“I enjoy training camp and I’m excited to sacrifice and be disciplined every day to prepare for a fight like this.

“For the Keith Thurman fight I would do about 25 rounds a day, and now for this fight I’m doing 30 or more rounds a day. The coaches have had to try to stop me because I want to keep going.

“If there’s a chance for a knockout, then I’ll go for it because that’s what I want to give to the fans.

“I’m not underestimating Ugas though. He has a lot of experience in boxing and fought in the Olympics. I know I have to be very good to win this fight.”

Ugas insists that Pacquiao is not capable of forcing a stoppage, but the Cuban believes he can instead send the eight-weight world champion into retirement.

“I’m certain that he cannot knock me out,” said Ugas.

“I’ve done all the preparation over these past six years to get in this position, I’ve hit my stride and I just don’t believe I can be stopped by Manny.

“I have prepared for 12 hard rounds. If this is Pacquiao’s final fight, then he’s going to be up against a guy who brought his best and who is a world-class fighter.”

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Yordenis Ugas, from 2am on Sunday morning live on Sky Sports.

Source: MSN Sports

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