Lightning Strikes a Mountain in North Carolina, Injuring Seven People

A lightning bolt struck a famous mountain in North Carolina about noon on Friday, injuring multiple people.

According to WBTV, the lightning strike occurred on MacRae Peak near Grandfather Mountain, injuring at least seven people. Grandfather Mountain is a mountain in North Carolina southwest of Boone.

Image Source: The Sun

One of the people who was injured fell and hurt their head, necessitating the assistance of emergency workers to carry them to a nearby hospital.

Another individual was scorched by the lightning, while the other five persons were only slightly hurt.

Although it is unclear where the seven persons were when the lightning struck, MacRae Peak reaches a height of 5,744 feet and has some areas that leave hikers exposed to the weather.

The storm did not receive a severe thunderstorm warning, but a thunderstorm does not have to be strong to be dangerous.

A severe thunderstorm, according to the National Weather Service, is one that has the potential to produce hail at least the size of a quarter or wind gusts of at least 58 mph.

Image Source: WGHP

Every thunderstorm, on the other hand, contains lightning, which can result in injuries, deaths, or property destruction.

According to the National Weather Service, there have been at least six lightning-related deaths in the United States as of Aug. 3.

Source: UPI

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