Malki Kawa, the Manager Explains Everything, Tyron Woodley’s ‘Substantial Payout’ for his Bout With Jake Paul

Going into Tyron Woodley’s scheduled boxing battle with Jake Paul on Sunday, Malki Kawa believes he secured a great agreement for his client.

It was a difficult process coming to terms with Paul’s side on financial aspects surrounding the boxing bout between the YouTuber and the former UFC welterweight champion, according to Kawa, one of the co-founders of First Round Management.

He’s happy with the compromise that was reached, and believes that, aside from Conor McGregor’s spectacular showdown with Floyd Mayweather in 2016, Woodley is going to earn the greatest money ever for a first-time boxing ring entry.

According to Kawa, Woodley is expected to walk away with a salary in the mid-seven figures. He will not only be paid a base salary, but he will also be paid a percentage of all pay-per-view purchases. Kawa also hinted at a share of ticket sales, merchandise, and other revenue streams.

“The money is good,” Kawa told MMA Junkie. “He’s making a seven-figure payday, and it’s not like $1 million. It’s more. And we get a piece of everything as well, so we expect him to walk out of here with a substantial payday for his first fight in boxing.”

If Woodley wins his eight-round, 190-pound fight against Paul on Showtime pay-per-view from Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, the fallout will point to a rematch between the two in the near future. Kawa stated that Paul’s management requested a rematch clause in the initial contract, and that “we said yes.”

However, “The Chosen One” must first take care of business on fight night. It’s been a tumultuous week leading up to the event, with a tense press conference on Thursday in which the teams of both athletes battled, followed by angry interviews on Friday.

Woodley, according to Kawa, hasn’t been fazed by Paul’s antics on his team. He sees similarities in Woodley’s mentality from before UFC 201, when he defeated Robbie Lawler for the UFC welterweight title. That makes him optimistic about Woodley’s prospects.

“Great vibes (from Woodley) – Robbie Lawler vibes,” Kawa said. “That one. Very focused. Very prepared. You can tell he’s confident in what he’s done for this fight. When you watch him – you see him very calm. He didn’t have to cut any weight. He’s in a great mood. Calm. As you get older the weight cuts get harder, but he was a professional and he always made weight. You see the last four fights, the weight cuts and that stuff. Probably took a lot out of the tank. We’re going to have a full tank. We’re going to be able to go the distance. We’re going to be able to knock him out. We’re going to be able to do whatever we want to do.”

Source: USA Today

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