On a Romantic Vacation With Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner Relaxes in her Bikini

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have been photographed soaking in the sun on a lavish Italian holiday this summer.

Kendall Jenner, 25, posed while lying in the ocean with Devin Booker, 24, on a romantic holiday in Italy. The supermodel wore a two-piece string bikini with a bright design and rectangular-framed sunglasses. She sat next to the NBA player, who was dressed casually in black trunks and yellow snorkeling gear.

Image Source: Hollywood Life

It comes just days after a source close to the couple exclusively told HollywoodLife that the Phoenix Suns player was looking forward to spending his leisure time with his long-term girlfriend. “Devin had a long season in the NBA, reaching the finals, and then went to the Olympics practically immediately,” the insider revealed. “Baccalaureate has taken a lot of his attention away from Kendall, and now that he has approximately a month before he has to start up again, he wants to spend all of his time with her.”

“They have a tremendous bond and really get along through laughter and he knows he will see her through the season, but he is fully aware they both have busy careers that they must nurture,” the source continued. “So, this time with her is important and he is going to take full advantage of it while he has the time.” A second insider told HL, “Things between Kendall and Devin have definitely progressed over the past few years, and they make a really cute couple.

Image Source: Hollywood Life

“Kendall is so happy with Devin and she loves spending as much free time with him as possible. Kendall couldn’t be prouder of Devin‘s win and she thinks it’s so cool that both he and her dad [Caitlyn Jenner] are Olympic gold medal winners,” the source added. The stylish duo were first spotted on a road trip in Arizona in April 2020, but didn’t confirm their romance until later in the year.

They were also recently seen celebrating Devin’s Olympic gold medal win, which he achieved with the U.S. basketball team at the Tokyo Olympics. The hunky athlete even shared a photo of her wearing the medal around her neck while laying back on a boat at a lake on Aug. 17.

Source: Hollywood Life

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