Out on a Lake, Orlando Bloom Goes Skinny-Dipping and Tags Katy Perry in a Cheeky Photo

The sun is shining, and Orlando Bloom’s buns are flapping in the breeze. While drying off, the ‘Carnival Row’ singer removed his swimsuit and gave a cheeky shout-out to Katy Perry.

All eyes were on Orlando Bloom on Sunday, so play “All Eyes On Me” by Bo Burnham (“Don’t be scared, don’t be timid / Come on in, the water’s good”). The 44-year-old actor went swimming in an unnamed location without wearing any swim trunks. Orlando is up to his well-toned chest in water in the first two slides of the Instagram Gallery he shared on Aug. 15, splashing about what looks to be a quiet lake while the sun shines. But – and there is a ‘but’ – things become a little “cheeky” in slide No. 3 when a naked Orlando moons the camera.

Orlando escaped being flagged by Instagram because to a well-placed peach emoji, but the real “cheekiness” comes from who – and where – he tagged in the shot. Orlando decided to publicly thank Katy Perry, probably the photographer, by tagging her on his peach. Perhaps it explains Orlando’s thumbs up in the snap, as well as his bright smile on the fourth and final slide.

“Who knew he had the BACKSTROKE toooooo!!!” commented makeup artist Michael Anthony. At the same time, actor Josh Brolin threw up five “metal horns” emojis. “peachy,” commented Roma Downey. Helena Christensen commented about “that family on the other side” of the lake, adding the wide-eye emoji. Most of the other comments were fire emojis, heart emojis, and – of course – peach emojis. “lol here he goes again,” one person wrote, perhaps referencing that one time in 2016 when a naked Orlando took a fully-clothed Katy for a paddleboard ride during a European vacation.

“Well, it was Europe,” said Katy during a 2020 appearance on The Howard Stern Show. “And honestly, we had had a pretty chill time for a week, and everywhere we looked, it was like everybody’s naked, it’s Europe, it’s Italy. And I think he wanted to fit in with the locals, and it was the end of the trip.” Katy said that Orlando “tried to get me to” go nude, but she opted not to. “I mean, I would have never like set him up, if I had a real thought, but in the back of my mind … I am Jim Carrey in The Truman Show a little bit, so I thought maybe there would be a chance. I would say I’m a little more of the pragmatic in the partnership.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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