Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Buds2 earphones, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphones, earlier this month. We acquired a pair of the new earbuds and are now ready to write our evaluation, so grab a Sunday beverage and read on.

The new earbuds inherited Active Noise Cancellation from the Galaxy Buds Pro but kept speaker sizes small, which is why they’re positioned as a Buds+ successor rather than a Pro advancement.

Like the Buds Pro and Buds Live, the new earphones come in a square casing. Samsung claims they’re the lightest buds it’s ever made, but the difference is negligible in practice. Although the Galaxy Buds2 seem light in the hand, they are only one gram lighter than the Buds+, which isn’t a significant difference in practice.

While all Galaxy Buds2 devices come in a white case, regardless of the color variant you choose, the inside of the case is painted to match the color scheme. Our Lavender unit is stunning, with the bright color acting as an accent, sparing you the hassle of matching your outfits to such a purple tone.

The battery life is excellent, with 472mAh in the case and 61mAh in each bud. With the ANC turned on, the Galaxy Buds2 can easily last 5 hours on a single charge, while without it, it can last up to 8 hours if volume levels are set to 80-90 percent.

The Buds2 case allows wireless charging, and they may gain an hour of battery life in just five minutes.

Samsung prioritizes audio quality, and this time the company went to great lengths to ensure that the conversation was as clear and crisp as possible. When we first got the Buds, they couldn’t turn on Ambient Sound when on the phone, but it was rectified after an update. Each bud has two outer mics, one towards the inside of the ear, and a specialized speech processing unit (VPU) that filters out exterior noises such as wind, automobiles on the road, and people chatting.

Even when talking through masks, which is now a problem, the quality on the other side is excellent – voice is picked up, and communication feels natural to both sides.

Most earbuds are used for two things: listening to music and gaming, and we have to conclude that these are among the best TWS earphones for both. Extreme frequencies could be a little more detailed, but Samsung omitted a large tweeter and woofer to keep the price down and the size down.

Even better, the latency is twice as low as the Buds+, and the sound is beautiful in all three aspects – lows, mids, and highs.

On paper, the Active Noise Cancellation blocks 98 percent of ambient noise, and in practice, we found that the buds readily filter the bulk of disturbances, with the rubber tips assisting greatly. Samsung has also upgraded Ambient Sound. It still has three settings, but it now includes AI that adapts to the environment.

While the Buds+ had sensitive edges around the touch area, the Buds2 are more attractive, have no rubber “wings” for the ears, and feature easier gesture controls – one tap is Play/Pause, two taps is Next Song, and three taps is Previous Song.

The Galaxy Buds2 maintain Samsung’s tradition of excellent TWS earbuds. The Buds+ was deemed “well worth it” by us, and it has been steadily improving since then. The Galaxy Buds Live had a large battery, the Galaxy Buds Pro gave the experience a premium feel, and the Galaxy Buds2 currently has the best of the bunch.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are priced at €149, £139, and $150, respectively. They have a long battery life, a pleasant sound, and a secure fit. The Buds experience is well worth it when listening to music or making phone calls, to name two examples. The Galaxy Buds2 are an easy option if you want TWS buds for these two hobbies.

Source: Gsmarena

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