The ‘Aztec’ Uniform Concept for the Phoenix Suns has Sparked Debate

Each season, NBA teams issue new jersey colors and styles to mixed reviews from fans who either appreciate adding new tops to their collections or prefer their favorite teams to stick to vintage designs.

The Phoenix Suns introduced their “The Valley” uniforms for the 2020-21 season in November:

While those jerseys are relatively harmless even among non-fans,ย Andrew Lopezย of ESPN noted Thursday the Suns sparked a bit of controversy with their “Aztec” uniform concept:

According to Lopez, some questioned if the Aztecs were ever located near where the Suns call home. Following such backlash, the club responded via multiple tweets:

Phoenix will continue to use “The Valley” jerseys for the upcoming NBA season, and the Aztec concept is not yet guaranteed to enter the franchise’s rotation.ย 

Source: MSN Sports

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