Tobias Harris, a Forward With the 76ers Praises Jaden Springer’s Performance

The Philadelphia 76ers have been a solid summer league since they had a good record and also had the chance to see their players develop. The focus on the players in the second year was largely on the rookie.

The 2021 NBA draft picked up Jaden Springer with 21 points at 8-by-14 and a 5 of the 6 free throws. Springer was the No. 28 winner. It is hopeful that he can be an all-round player with his defensive ability, because he was able to demonstrate offensive games in the final.

Tobias Harris, a veteran forward, gave Springer a big shoutout after the game was done. They’re both Tennessee alums, and Harris is a leader who wants to see the team’s younger players flourish.

This Sixers Team is a team of 18 years old rookie that plays for the team that has a shot at winning the championships, Springer will definitively have to gain his seat. A squad with so many helpful veterans should do marvels for his entire career since he can learn a lot from everyone with so much experience.

Source: MSN Sports

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