What are the Responsibilities of the Boston Celtics and Dennis Schroder?

The Boston Celtics and veteran point guard Dennis Schroder have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could benefit everyone involved if the Celtics keep their end of the bargain by giving Schroder as much playing time as he needs to re-establish his value, and Schroder fits into the larger team scheme Boston requires.

To make their short-term relationship work, the Celtics and Schroder must both fulfill their duties to one another, but how will that look on the court and in the locker room this season? It’s simple enough to sketch down a general framework of how it may work, but what exactly would it entail?

The host of the “Locked on Celtics” podcast, John Karalis, takes us all on a deep dive into what could be a crucial question for the Celtics’ 2021-22 season, and perhaps even more so for Schroder’s future.

Listen to or watch the video above to hear his thoughts on how German Rondo and Boston can make the most of what will almost definitely be a one-season – or less – partnership.

Source: MSN Sports

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