2 Days After Announcement of her Engagement, Britney Spears Deletes her Instagram Account

On September 14, Britney Spears’ Instagram account abruptly vanished, only two days after the pop star announced her engagement.

UPDATE: Britney now says she’s “simply taking a little vacation from social media to celebrate” her engagement on Twitter. “Don’t worry, folks,” she assured them, “I’ll be back shortly.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Britney Spears’ Instagram account appears to have been shut just days after she announced her engagement to the world. The singer’s page on the social media platform “couldn’t be found” on Sept. 14, only two days after her big revelation.

Britney hasn’t said why her Instagram account was deleted – HollywoodLife reached out to her rep for comment, but didn’t hear back right away — but Page Six claims she’s “happy and in a fantastic place” and that “quiet can be a powerful thing and a powerful message.”

“This was her decision,” a source told the newspaper. Britney said on her Instagram account right before it was deleted, “I’ve waited 13 years and counting for my freedom.”

“Growing up in an environment where basically practically everything I did was regulated by someone else…,” she wrote in an article titled “Infusing education with heart.” I sincerely hope that this message reaches those who have been misled or deceived by a system!!!! No, you are not alone, and you are not insane!!!! Before it’s TOO LATE, people need to hear this!!!! I’ve been waiting for my freedom for 13 years and counting!!!!!” She also expressed gratitude to the #FreeBritney campaign for their support during her fight to end her conservatorship.

The singer, 39, is also reportedly taking a break from social media “in light of the successful route that she’s been on and continues to be on [after] the news of [her engagement]” with longterm lover Sam Asghari, according to Page Six.

Celebrities often take social media breaks on a regular basis, so it’s not always linked to something terrible.

Source: Hollywood Life

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