Apple’s Entire Discount and Cancellation Policy – iPhone 12, iPad Mini, Apple Watch

Apple has officially unveiled its new iPhone series, along with a redesigned iPad mini, an entry-level iPad, and the Apple Watch Series 7. While most smartphones will be available for pre-order soon, Apple is doing some additional Fall cleaning and optimization to its range, with certain devices being discounted and others being discontinued. Here’s a rundown of which devices are still available, as well as their prices.

Naturally, we’ll start with the iPhone. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are no longer available for purchase through Apple’s own store, but you may be able to find a deal on them through third-party retailers in the coming days.

Image Source: Gsmarena

The iPhone XR is also being discontinued. Meanwhile the iPhone 12 and 12 mini have gotten a $100 price drop – now starting at $699 and $599, respectively. The iPhone 11 is still around is down $100 to an all-time low of $499. It’s now dangerously close to the iPhone SE (2020), which starts at $399.

Image Source: Gsmarena

Moving on to the new iPad mini. It’s the first new mini since 2019 and that means that the 2019 model is gone (and probably won’t be missed). The new iPad mini starts at $499.

The new entry-level iPad takes the place of the old, 8th gen model, at the same $329 starting price. The nice bonus here is that this year’s entry-level iPad comes in with twice the storage at 64GB.

Image Source: Gsmarena

Finally, we arrive at the Apple Watch. It’ll arrive a little later than the others, but Apple will then drop the Watch Series 6 from its range, leaving only the Watch SE and Watch Series 3, which will keep their prices.

The Series 3 costs $199 for a 38mm model and $229 for a 42mm model, while the Watch SE costs $279 for a 40mm case and $309 for a 44mm case.

Source: Gsmarena

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