Before ‘Monday Night Football’ UFC Announcer Bruce Buffer Gets the Allegiant Stadium Crowd in Las Vegas Psyched up

Bruce Buffer understands how to get a crowd pumped up for major events.

Buffer, a long-time UFC ring announcer, is perhaps most recognized for his job inside the Octagon, where he calls out, “It’s time!” Bruce, the half-brother of boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer, has been a fixture at key UFC fights, significantly elevating the atmosphere of a huge event.

Buffer put his distinctive voice and passion to work as part of the pre-game festivities ahead of the Las Vegas Raiders’ home and season opener against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday evening, even though no punches were scheduled to be thrown.

Buffer, who was situated on the concourse shortly after the iconic recording artist Gladys Knight sung the U.S. National Anthem and just seconds before the game began, created the atmosphere in his signature tone as if he were presenting a heavyweight title fight:

“We are live from Las Vegas! This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s “Monday Night Football!” Presenting from the AFC North, the Baltimore Ravens taking on your three-time world champions, Las Vegas Raiders! It’s time!”

When it came time to welcome in a new era for the Raiders, Buffer was the obvious choice to get the Las Vegas crowd revved up before kickoff on Monday night.

The football game was held in Allegiant Stadium, a brand new football stadium in Las Vegas with a 65,000-seat capacity built to house the Raiders, who announced their relocation from Oakland in 2020.

Source: USA Today

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