Due to Hurricane Ida, the IRS has Given Pennsylvania Taxpayers More Time to File Their Returns

Due to Hurricane Ida’s impact, taxpayers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have been given another extension to file their federal tax returns for the year 2020.

Residents and businesses in portions of Pennsylvania affected by the storm, who had sought an initial extension for 2020 taxes, now have until Jan. 3 to file the forms, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Taxpayers who requested an extension after the May 17 deadline have until October 15 to file their taxes. The latest extension provides them nearly three months more.

Affected areas in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Mississippi had previously received the same relief from the IRS.

“During this difficult time, the IRS stands ready to help victims of Hurricane Ida,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said in a statement. “We want people affected by this devastating hurricane focused on their safety and recovery for themselves and their families.

“To provide assistance now and in the weeks ahead, we have a variety of different types of relief available to help people and businesses affected by this disaster.”

The extension applies to any business or resident in any area designated for relief by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Self-employed taxpayers can also use the extension to make quarterly anticipated income tax payments.

On August 29, Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, knocking out electricity to more than 1 million people for many days. The storm’s remnants proceeded northeast, causing significant flooding in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The deluge claimed the lives of about 50 people.

Source: UPI

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