Following Hurricane Ida, Cleanup Personnel Respond to a Huge oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Clean-up personnel are responding to a significant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of Hurricane Ida, according to the US Coast Guard.

Image Source: Los Angeles Times

The Associated Press initially published satellite photographs from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Wednesday, showing a kilometer-long brownish-black slick spreading in coastal waters about 3 kilometers off Port Fourchon, Louisiana, an oil and gas hub.

So far, the expanding spill appears to have stayed out to sea and has had little effect on the Louisiana coastline.

Although no estimate of how much oil is in the water has been made, new satellite pictures seen by AP appear to show the slick migrating eastward more than 19 kilometers along the Gulf Coast.

Image Source: BBC

Response teams were monitoring reports and satellite photos to identify the scope of the discharge, according to Coast Guard spokesman Lieutenant John Edwards.

He stated the pollution came from an undersea pipeline owned by Houston-based energy company Talos Energy in Bay Marchand, Block 4.

Source: ABC

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