In a Post-Fight Flight, Anderson Silva Gives up his First-Class Ticket to Tito Ortiz’s Girlfriend

Anderson Silva is still a gentleman both in and out of the ring.

According to Tito Ortiz, his recent opponent’s girlfriend, Amber Nicole Miller, gave up his first-class ticket on their flight back to California following their fight at Saturday’s Triller Fight Club Legends II event in Hollywood, Fla.

In the co-main event of the card, Silva knocked Ortiz out in the first round of their boxing match.

In a video posted on Ortiz’s Instagram stories, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” thanked Silva for giving his first-class seat to Miller after the airline JetBlue made a mistake on the tickets only giving Ortiz one first-class ticket.

“He just actually gave up his first-class ticket for Amber to sit here,” Ortiz said. “The airline messed up and Anderson Silva gave up his seat for Amber to sit next to me. Anderson Silva, you’re the man, dude. I appreciate it, thank you very much. Amazing man, nothing but respect. Even after the fight, he gave it up and let Amber sit here. Thank you, Anderson, I appreciate it. Mad respect dude.”

Check out Ortiz speaking about Silva’s generosity in the video below

Source: USA Today

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